Trump: The Wall Street Journal; China and Russia

The Wall Street Journal dreads the idea of a Donald Trump presidency. Maybe even more than the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency.  It is interesting that Trump’s most intense antagonism toward his Republican rivals seems to be directed at Senator Rand Paul,  who is the individual who agrees with him the most on dealing with Russia. Both men have a strong skepticism toward the central neo-con slogan of our time: More invasions sooner.

Now the central message of this blog is that nuclear weapons are engineered products that reflect intensely high and largely inherited intellectual capabilities: IQ tests. Further, that  Russia and China were fated to have the ability to destroy America roughly as quickly as America  could destroy them once China and Russia had national school systems that included virtually all the males between 6 and 18. Because school systems make visible those engineers who can create lethal nuclear weaponry.

There is a constant in the Journal’s  attacks on Putin: They never identifies Putin actions with the interests of a Russian Orthodox Christian population.  The editorial writer limits the focus to Putin, a an unpleasant, quirky, blustery, authoritarian strong man. Its   September 25, 2015  editorial “Putin Is on a Syria Roll” and a October 2, 2015 editorial, “What U.S. Retreat Looks Like,”  demonstrate the reality.

The first editorial warned against even meeting with Putin.  The basic assumption was that the Russian President should be isolated and allowed no role in the Middle East.

“The Russian arms flowing into the Latakia military base in western Syria are already propping up his ally Bashar Assad’s teetering government.” The threat is that he will get leverage to make demands on the U.S.  “[P]erhaps Mr. Putin will settle for the U.S. rolling back the sanctions it imposed on Russia after his Ukraine incursions.”

The second editorial furthers the argument:  Russia must have no role in the Middle East.

It notes that for a commitment of a couple thousand soldiers and some e=weapons, Putin has propped up the Assad regime. “And he needn’t defeat Islamic State as long as he carves out an Alawite protectorate around Damascus and Syria’s coast. ” The writer asserts that Obama could force Putin to back off by setting up a no fly zone which would limit Assad’s ability to continue to resist.

Now, the interesting point is where the paper places Trump in the debate.  “All of this ought to be an opportunity for the Republican presidential candidates to make the case against Mr. Obama’s policy of retreat. Instead Donald Trump says his policy would be to get along with Mr. Putin, somehow, and our Syria policy should  be to let both sides kill each other.”

There is another way to look at it.

The Alawites have a right to protect themselves and their interest.




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