Trump: A Novice but right on Iraq 09-28-2015

This blog has a point of view on nuclear weapons. Where the U.S is today, vulnerable to nuclear attack from both Russia and China was predictable 60 years ago. We had to get here. Once Russia and China put virtually all of their boys in school, the reality of IQ would make am enhanced nuclear terror for America, inevitable.

Does that terror make any practical difference? That is, would American foreign policy be different if Russia and China did not have “second strike” nuclear capabilities against the US? Garry Kasparov in a September 10, 2015 The Wall Street Journal  column   entitled “The Rewards of the Obama Doctrine” is dismissive of the threat. Kasparov faults Obama for his timidity in eastern Europe and the Middle East.  Putin’s nuclear weapons do not scare him.

“[O]ne would need to have believed Moscow’s overheated nuclear threats to think that Ukraine would be worse off now if NATO had moved immediately to secure the Ukrainian border with Russia as soon as Vladimir Putin invaded Crimea in 2014.”

Well, what about it? Does anyone think that Russia would have immediately sent their missiles to Topeka if NATO arrived in the Ukraine? No, of course not.

But could Russia have supported a lethal civil war that would have cost thousands of lives, including American lives, for a long period. See under Vietnam. How does America get Russia to stop supporting a civil war? It is this scenario that demonstrates he potency and delights of nuclear weapons for Russia.

One sees another neo-con assault on Putin in an September 25, 2015 Journal editorial entitled “Putin Is on a Syria Roll”.  The writer tells us that Russian weapons in Syria are making a difference. Assad looks more secure than he did before Putin’s exertions on his behalf. In response Obama has agreed to meet with Russia and thereby back off on his insistence that Putin be diplomatically isolated.  The editorial writer sums up,

“Russia is blowing up Mr. Obama’s Syria and Iraq strategy, and he’d better see what the Kremlin strongman wants.”

Oone sees the advantages of nuclear weapons for the Russians.

The reality of nuclear weapons are consistent and durable. . They play in Europe. They play in the Middle East.  They act to trump America’s economic advantage.

Donald Trump is willing to deal with Putin. America has no alternative.






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