Ann Coulter, Trump, War

For half a century ethnicity  has been blurred, misrepresented and sometimes obliterated by the enormous ideological shadow of communism.  Probably the states that were most in the shadow of Russian Communism would have emphasized the specifically Russian contribution to the shadow.  But clearly the collapse of communism has put us into a simpler and more honest political world in Europe.

Just as Trump and the support of white intellectuals like Ann Coulter have created a more honest discourse in  America.  We are in an ethnic world in the U.S. too.

It will make a difference. in the nuclear weapons structure that is being formed engineer by engineer, day by day the Russians and the Chinese will demonstrate a determination to match the American nuclear terror.  When the Russians are asked who they hate and fear the most, and they answer “Latvia”, we see the very special status that the Germanic population of Northern Europe have in the  Russian imagination.

It is not really surprising that men that look like Senator McCain push a more aggressive policy against Putin than men that look like President Obama.  Anglo America sees itself as the indispensable   policeman in the world today.

See how different that claim looks in the  world before nuclear weapons; and the world after.  Today there is a limit to how much force any country, including the U.S. will threaten. No one will announce a strategic nuclear attack on the Russia or China.  Because Russia and China could destroy the attacker. In a sense,  nuclear weapons do not extend and strengthen the advantages of a 17 trillion dollar economy. They trump the advantages of a 17 trillion dollars.

Donald Trump and Ann Coulter do more than advantage a conservative argument. They protect and advance the interests of one ethnic group at the expense of another group.

Ann Coulter’s description “hell hole” resonates. Economic figures describe important things. No    one wants o leave an industrial society with family incomes of $50,000.00 for a Third World peasant society living in hovels. Surely Ann Coulter has the right to protect and advance the interests of her ethnic group if those interest are threatened by poor, uneducated, brown people.

But the same is true of other dominant populations. The blond American foreign policy establishment wants China to treat Tibetans better than the blonds treated the Cherokee. The Chinese are not so keen on the idea.

That nuclear sub that China advertised as a second strike capability against the U.S. plays and ethnic role inside China. The Chinese get to play Cowboys and Indians. The Chinese nuclear sub promotes Chinese ethnic interests inside China, at the expense of American and Tibetan interests.

There are specific  ethnic interests at stake in Donald Trump’s campaign. The same is true inside China.






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