Obama’s Election 2012; Chinese Nuclear Engineers


Ethnic groups are the tectonic plates on which human existence travels. Sometimes that experience is comfortably labeled “civilization,” sometimes not. But it is all experience. And  that experience is processed by ethnic groups, as ethnic groups.
For example; I think the history of America in Vietnam, certainly in the early years; say 1950 to 1965, has to be seen through the eyes of white Northern European English speaking veterans of World War II. They worked from a template that World War II had helped form.

America stayed in Vietnam as long as it did because the country looked like, spoke like, thought like those Veterans. If the U.S. had been the country that showed up at the polls November 6, 2012; the sacrifice, human and financial, would have been brought into question.

Election day I went to my brother’s house and delivered him an old lawnmower that he wanted for trim work next summer that I had picked up at the old homestead.  Then we ate pizza and watched the returns. Well, it turned out that it was going to be very, very close. The experts that I like to watch on Fox News must be wrong? Dick Morris?

The one thing that everyone got right was that Ohio would be a big, big deal. So it is around 11 PM and I tell my brother; a long night and I have a long drive. Time to go. We shall find out tomorrow morning sometime.  He asks do I need help finding the gas station. No problem. I start the car, figure out the route to where the open gas stations are likely to be. I am in the car no more than 4 minutes and I hear what I expected to find out the next day: “Fox News has announced that Obama has been re-elected.” WHAT?

I find a gas station, a goodie, but oldie.  Cheap gas but they don’t have the credit card thing on the pump. You have to go inside. This is Maine remember.  There is a woman to collect my money. 40ish? Attractive and nice. I expressed some reservations about the result. I know that I myself told you to vote for Obama; and I did so. But only because you and I know what Nuclear Weapons are: IQ scores made visible. Obama is a better bet on reaching agreement with the Russians on nuclear weapons.

But, on all the economic issues, I believe in “Markets.” IN fact the regulations relating to the “Safe Act” and seller financing, to those of you who follow real estate issues, enrage me.

So I expressed a little dissatisfaction with the incumbent. The lady was not hearing it. Overjoyed. “We aren’t going to be barefoot and pregnant again.” I think the word “Awesomest” was in the either. But I don’t know if the label fit the election or women. She made the observation “There are more women than men.”

What had happened?  What happened is that a lot of Americans, myself included, suddenly realized how dramatically a growing cohort of non-white voters will change America. Television, radio and newspapers have spent countless hours and forests of newsprint on what the change portends for domestic policies.

Foreign policy issues, however, have been missing. A mistake.

American foreign policy changed in a more dramatic way, for a longer time, then the pundits acknowledge. This Administration will not challenge China, or Russia, the way a Romney Administration would have; and because I am right about Nuclear Weapons and IQ: THAT is a good thing.

However, the most dramatic near term difference between what a Romney presidency would have done, and what an Obama Administration will do, surely is Iran. It is more than interesting that after the intense focus Fox News and the Wall Street Journal gave the issue, roughly three-quarters of American Jews voted to stand pat.

Hitler and the 1930’s resonate with white voters, resonate with English speaking white people in a way they will not in Spanish speaking households. They will be more willing to cut defense budgets to put butter into minority households.

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