Arms Control, Chinese IQ

Arms Control, Chinese IQ

I have been gratified. Some people have started to read this blog.
I wonder if it is time to see if I could start a group on Facebook composed of people who
Think that the central theme of this blog is right: Nuclear weapons are IQ scores, and
Think that sooner or later the implications of the above will force America to accept that it will not be able to engineer a weapons system that will force China (or Russia) to concede that they will be infinitely vulnerable while America is infinitely safe.

Chinese and Russian engineers are just too smart to concede defeat in an intellectual contest.

Accordingly, it is time for the three major nuclear powers to try to negotiate an end to the nuclear rivalry between them – the “big three” – while they cooperate to try to convince other countries to give up nuclear ambitions.

If you would be interested in joining a group on Facebook to be called – ARMS CONTROL, Chinese and Russian IQ and Nuclear Terror, please email me at (I may tinker with the name.) If I get enough of a response I will try to set a group up. Everyone who joins will be expected to participate, but not so much it would be a “pain.” We will expect a couple of posts a month from everyone. Please let me hear from you. Thanks



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