Einstein Was Wrong; My Prediction About China

Einstein Was Wrong

Well OK, he was right on the physics. But we are all in a world, 43 minutes from an over, because he and  the other big time intellectuals and political leaders in mid-20th century were wrong on the psychology. According to an article in the July 1982 issue of Commentary the great scientist was skeptical about the abilities of Russians to present a real military threat by using nuclear technology. They would not be smart enough.
Two generations after America’s high water mark, both Russian and Chinese nuclear engineers can bring an end to human civilization in an afternoon.  They turned out to be smart enough. It is May 13, 2011 – a Friday the 13th. I feel like doing something both stupid and reckless.  So I will.

I will make a prediction.

Remember this prediction and note it on your calendar for – say – December 13. And then on December 13, 2011 (you will have your 2012 calendar by December 1)  write down to check this prediction on May 13, 2012.  Today there is an intense and focused load of anger, anguish and angst aimed at what we label “The Middle East.” By May 13, 2012 a major part of that anger, anguish and angst will migrate to the Far East – North Korea and China.

Something will happen. The subterranean basic reality behind nuclear weaponry, engineering talent, inevitably bubbles up from time to time into the wide open visible world of television, talk radio, Internet, magazines, etc. The guys with big time talent, down there inside the hidden engineering bubble, out of sight of the media; know what is going on; the media, you and I don’t know. But when  new carrier fleet, or a new missile, or a trick that underlines the “accuracy” game with obvious implications for American security smashes through the bulkhead and runs out, then we all know.

Things have been too quiet, too long. Engineering Talent doesn’t fall asleep.




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